Wilson Roger Federer Junior Tennis Racket Review

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Looking for the perfect junior tennis racket for your child? You should consider the Wilson Roger Federer kids racket, one of the most popular models on the market. Though Roger Federer recently retired from the sport, his line of rackets continue to benefit junior and adult players alike. This red racket includes a lot of great features to enhance your child’s play on the court. After receiving countless inquiries regarding the Wilson Roger Federer 21, 23, and 25 we created a comprehensive guide to give you a better idea on if it’s a good fit for your child.

roger federer kids racket

Pros and Cons of the Federer Junior Racket

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wilson roger federer kids racket review

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A Top Racket for Intermediate to Advanced Junior Players

First off, there are three different sizes for the Roger Federer kid’s racket: 21 inches, 23 inches, and 25 inches. Everything about these three racket models is the same, except the frame and handle length. To find out which size racket is best for your child depending on their age and other factors, read our junior tennis racket sizing guide.

Styled in Roger Federer’s signature red color scheme, parents have reported that their children feel a lot more confident playing with this racket, as compared to an old hand-me-down. 

All three sizes of this racket are actually slightly heavier than average. However, the weight is distributed throughout the frame and handle in a way that provides the user with a relatively lightweight feeling when swinging through a tennis ball. This is crucial because if your son or daughter’s racket feels to heavy during their swing, they will not be able to consistently make solid contact. This is a major part of early tennis development, as well as basic eye-hand coordination development. There’s no need to hinder this learning process with an overly heavy racket. All in all, we approve of the “weight feelings” of all 3 Federer junior racket models.

Speaking of making solid contact, we also really like the sweet spot improvements in the latest version of the Roger Federer racket. Obviously, beginning players don’t hit the ball in the center of the racket every time. With this Wilson racket, however, there is an increased margin for error; if your child hits a tennis ball on the upper, lower, right, or left area of the racket face (not on the center sweet spot), then there is still a good chance that they will still be able to make good contact and drive the ball, given that they were taught proper forehand groundstroke techniques. (or backhand!) This improved margin for error typically translates to your child learning the fundamentals faster – another reason we love this racket for beginners!

One thing to watch out for with the Roger Federer racket is that it doesn’t score highly in the durability category. It can last years and years if your child is taught how to take care of their racket, though. The red paint should remain intact as long as the frame scraping on the court is kept to a minimum.

The price of this racket is pretty competitive. Last we checked it hovered around $35-$40 depending on what website you order from. (hint: ordering rackets online is almost always cheaper than buying from an in-person pro shop) Tennis can be an expensive sport compared to other classic kid’s sports, so we take pride in finding quality equipment that has a great value.

Check the Latest Roger Federer 23 Tennis Racket Price

To view the most updated price and reviews, head on over to the official Wilson online shop through the button below. If you are one of many tennis parents interested in getting this racket for your junior player, make sure to order soon; The Roger Federer racket is a popular, high-demand piece of gear that can sell out occasionally.

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The Wilson Roger Federer 23 is a solid all around racket for junior players. It’s a decent price for what you get; However, if you want to check out a few potentially less expensive kids’ rackets, read our reviews of the Head Speed and the Wilson Blade. On the other hand if you’re willing to spend a little more for additional modern features, take a look at the Wilson Clash.

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