Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 Tennis Racket Review

In this review, I’ll be covering the limited edition Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 tennis racket. On August 24, 2023, Wilson announced the limited-edition “Noir” line of rackets, including the Ultra 100 V4. In terms of racket construction, the model is identical to the standard Ultra 100 V4. The key differentiator is the all-black color scheme and matte finish. Even with the design’s simplicity, it’s one of the most eye-catching tennis rackets I’ve used.

Wilson graciously let me test out the Noir Ultra 100 V4. I also have substantial insight into Wilson’s Ultra line of rackets, as I’ve almost exclusively used them since the first version was released. So, is this all-black tennis racket worth the price? Here are my thoughts!

wilson noir ultra 100 v4 tennis racket

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Pros and Cons of the Noir Ultra 100 V4

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My Overall Tennis Racket Rating

My Favorite Features of the Wilson Noir Ultra 100:

45 Degree Fibers for the Win

Wilson’s “FORTYFIVE° technology” is what separates this racket from the herd for me. The introduction of 45-degree fibers provide a softer and more comfortable feel, improved stability, and enhanced ball pocketing. This change in the racket’s construction not only makes it distinct from the previous version (Ultra V3) but also distinguishes it from many other rackets that may have a similar stiffness rating but lack the same soft feel and balance of power and control.

Who is this Racket a Good Fit for?

The Noir Ultra 100 is an ideal fit for low-intermediate to advanced players seeking a blend of power, control, and comfort. The Wilson tennis racket stands out among other power-centric rackets due to its softer feel. I especially recommend it for players who might be put off by the typical stiffness of power rackets.

If you are a beginner-level player, I would advise looking elsewhere. The small but advanced optimizations engrained in the Noir Ultra 100 simply won’t make a huge difference for beginners.

How the Ultra 100 V4 is Better than the Ultra 100 V3

The Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 stands as a notable advancement over its predecessor, the V3. With a 315-gram strung weight, 70 flex rating, and sub-320 swing weight, the listed specs of the Ultra 100 V4 are actually fairly similar to the V3 model. What truly underscores its superiority is the strategic introduction of FORTYFIVE° technology which imparts the V4 with a softer and more comfortable feel when making contact with the ball. This is in stark contrast to the V3, which didn’t possess this enhanced tactile sensation.

Furthermore, this new version exhibits improved stability, feeling remarkably more solid on impact as compared to V3. This is attributed to the same 45-degree fibers in the racket’s construction. As previously stated, the superior ball pocketing capabilities, makes the player’s connection with the ball more pronounced and effective. Even when considering the stiffness, which is comparable between the two versions, the V4 surpasses the V3 by leveraging its new beam and the added fibers. These enhancements not only offer heightened comfort but also ensure a dampened, more responsive impact feel. All these improvements highlight the V4’s refined design and performance, setting it apart from the V3.

What Inspired the All-Black Noir Color Scheme?

The limited-edition “Noir” line of rackets was originally inspired by the classic “black and white film era”. When I think of noir classics, murder mystery and horror films come to mind. Thus, if you want to strike fear into your opponents on the court, then maybe one of the four noir rackets would be a good fit. Just in time for Halloween! 

wilson noir tennis rackets

In all seriousness, I really like the all-black design with the matte finish. The Series Noir has the sleekest design of rackets I’ve reviewed, hands down. Wilson also released a matching black tour 12-racket bag, and backpack. Perfect if you want to exude an “all business” vibe on the tennis court.

One additional piece of advice: if you decide to purchase a noir racket, make sure to install black strings to complete the aesthetic.

How Much Does the Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 Cost?

As of the last time I checked, the Noir Ultra 100 V4 was priced at $249. It’s a premium price for a premium racket. However, the cost definitely falls in line with other tennis manufacturers’ (Babolat, Head, etc.) latest, most advanced racket models. And Wilson didn’t increase the price from the standard Ultra 100 V4, which is awesome. Check the current Noir Ultra 100 price at Wilson’s website using the button below.

You Won't Regret Trying Out the Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4

I hope that my experience with the Noir Ultra 100 V4 has helped you decide if it’s a good fit for your play style. If it’s available at a tennis racket demo event nearby, I highly suggest you try it out along with the other new Noir models: the Blade V8, Pro Staff V14, and Clash V2.