Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racket Review

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Update: This review has been updated to reflect our opinion of the new Clash 26 V2 (the updated model).

As a parent of an aspiring junior tennis player, you of course want the best possible racket available for your child. Let me introduce you to the Wilson Clash 26 V2, a top contender amongst all kids’ tennis rackets. Wilson offers some of the most popular and top of the line rackets on the market, and the Clash lineup is one of the newest available. The Clash V2 26 inch model integrates modern racket technology to enhance your child’s play on the court. After receiving many questions regarding the Wilson Clash 26 inch and it’s newer models such as the V2, we decided it was time to put together a comprehensive guide on the ins and outs of this new line of rackets. Read on for the full breakdown of the Wilson Clash 26 V2 junior tennis racket.

junior wilson clash racket review

Pros and Cons of the Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racket

Tennis Racket Pros:

Tennis Racket Cons:

Our Wilson Clash 26 Kids Tennis Racket Rating

Wilson Clash 26 junior tennis racket

We gave the Wilson Clash 26 V2 junior tennis racket a solid 9 out of 10. We like it even more than the V1! It’s a must try for youngsters looking to up their game and boost their confidence on the court. The Clash 26 is recommended for ages 10 and up, though some coaches would argue it’s more suitable for kids age 11 and up. The 26 inch racket is perfect for any type of young tennis athlete, ranging from the more casual players, to the most competitive of junior players. When balancing the many pros and few flaws of the Wilson Clash 26, we gave it a respectable score of 9/10. Read on to find out why!

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Favorite Racket Features:

A Top Racket for Intermediate to Advanced Junior Players

The Wilson Clash 26 V2 is overall one of the best kid’s tennis rackets out there right now. It suits all playstyles, allowing your child the ability to develop how their coach sees fit. Although the suitability of the racket leans more towards intermediate and advanced players, that does not mean novice or beginning players can’t thrive with it. Simply put, it may just take more time for less experienced players to fully tap into the power and control potential of the Wilson junior racket. Furthermore, the sleek racket design is appealing to the eye, as it features sharp lines, bold color accents, and a clean finish.

The primary gripe with the Clash 26 is that the racket frame is less durable than other kids’ rackets. Unfortunately the paint is more prone to chipping and cracking. Hence, it is key to reinforce proper tennis equipment care to your child. Racket chips won’t affect swing performance, but who doesn’t like a new-looking racket kept in peak condition?

Nonetheless, the Wilson Clash 26 V2 is very much worth the price as this racket will bring your child a solid bang for your buck. We love the up-to-date craftsmanship paired with the innovative technology that Wilson has implemented in their newest line of junior rackets. Now, let’s compare the Clash 26 to another similar kids’ tennis racket.

The Wilson Clash 26 VS. Other Junior Tennis Rackets

We compared the Wilson Clash 26 V2 to Head’s 2021 Gravity Junior 26 Tennis Racquet, one of Head’s own innovative line of kids rackets. 

In terms of pricing, the rackets are pretty similar in cost, but these prices often change frequently. As of writing this review, Head’s racket is slightly less expensive. All in all, both are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but the high quality build and new technology means you get what you pay for!

There are a few rather interesting discrepancies between the two top of the line rackets, though.

Whereas Wilson includes many innovative technologies to the Clash line, the Head Gravity 26 only has one notable feature to its name and that is their Graphene 360+ tech, which reinforces a stable arm-friendly hitting experience. The difference in swing smoothness is actually quite minimal. The Head racket does take the cake in this category, but it’s a benefit aimed at adult players rather than juniors, for whom it’s almost a nonfactor. To put it simply, the Clash 26 is packed with a larger upside of features for your money.

One notable difference is the power potential. The Wilson Clash 26 V2 is more powerful than it’s predecessor, AND the Head Gravity 26 when it comes to hitting full groundstrokes. The ease of spinning the ball is approximately the same. It should be noted that the Gravity 26 is considerably lighter than the Clash 26. Besides these disparities, the two 26 inch rackets are extremely similar.

Check the Latest Wilson Clash 26 Kids Tennis Racket Price

To view the most updated price and reviews, head on over to Wilson’s racket listing through the button below. If you are a tennis parent interested in getting this racket for your child, make sure to order sooner rather than later as this is a popular, high-demand piece of gear that can occasionally sell out.

clash 26 v2 tennis racket
With more red than black, the Clash 26 V2 is more colorful than the first version of the racket.

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The Wilson Clash 26 V2 tennis racquet is one of the best options out there for junior players. The modern, tech-enhanced racket can be somewhat pricey compared to other kids’ rackets, but based on our experience (and countless coaches and junior players), it’s worth it. If you want to check out other cheaper rackets, read our reviews of the Head Speed and the Wilson Blade. Setting up your children for early success in tennis doesn’t merely include rackets, however. Other kids tennis gear matters too, such as clothing, hats, and more! To learn more about getting your child into tennis, check out the Kid Tennis Hub Ultimate Junior Tennis Guide for Parents.