Funny Tennis Jokes and Puns

Get ready to serve up some laughter with this collection of funny tennis jokes! Whether you’re a seasoned player, a casual fan, or just someone who enjoys the occasional giggle, these jokes are sure to hit the sweet spot. From witty one-liners about love meaning nothing to tennis players, to puns that will have you volleying for more, each joke is a perfect match for some light-hearted fun. So, put down your racket, take a water break, and enjoy this delightful rally of humor that’s sure to make even the sternest umpire crack a smile!

tennis jokes

Our Favorite Tennis Jokes

  1. Why did the tennis player visit the bank? To make sure their serve was on a-c-count!
  2. What’s the warm-up for tennis? Obviously, Nine-is.
  3. Why do tennis players never get married? Because love means nothing to them!
  4. Why did the tennis player rush to the net? To cash in on the match point!
  5. What’s a tennis player’s top choice for a car? Definitely a Vol-Vo-Ley!
  6. What’s a tennis ball’s favorite greeting? “See you around the court!”
  7. Why are strawberries a hit at Wimbledon? Because they’re the perfect match-point snack!
  8. What do you call a tennis match between a fruit and a dog? A peach of a match against a barking good player!
  9. What’s a waiter’s favorite sport? Tennis, because they excel at serving!
  10. Who’s the extraterrestrial tennis player? Venus, from a different universe!
  11. Why did the tennis player bring a flashlight to the match? To shine in their night service!
  12. What’s a tennis player’s favorite city? Volleywood!
  13. Why did the tennis ball start a fight? Because it was tired of being hit around!
  14. What’s a tennis fan’s favorite movie genre? Without a doubt, Net-flix and Lob-coms!
  15. Why is the tennis court always damp? Because of all the players’ constant dribbles!
  16. Who’s great at fillings and drilling? Dentists and tennis coaches!
  17. When’s bedtime for tennis enthusiasts? Around Tenn-ish, after a few sets!
  18. Why don’t fish play tennis? They’re afraid of the net!
  19. Why did the tennis player become a gardener? They were great at serving up aces!
  20. Where’s the romantic spot for tennis lovers? At the grand ‘Tennis Ball’!
  21. Why are tennis players so humble? Too many faults can really keep you grounded.
  22. What’s loud and has four legs on the tennis court? A grunting doubles team!
  23. Which tennis event is always open for business? The U.S. OPEN, 24/7!
  24. Knock Knock! Who’s there? Lett. Lett who? Let’s play tennis, I can’t wait any longer!
  25. Why was the tennis club’s website down? They had problems with their server!
  26. What do you call a group of tennis players in disguise? An undercover doubles team!
  27. Why did the tennis player take a ladder onto the court? To reach new service heights!
  28. What’s scheduled after a long tennis match? A well-deserved dinner set!
  29. Why did the tennis player pack string for the match? Just in case they had to tie-break!
  30. What did the tennis ball say to the racket? Hit me baby, one more time!
  31. What’s Serena Williams’ lucky number? Clearly, it’s Tenn-is!
  32. What’s a tennis enthusiast’s preferred bread? Without a doubt, a Lob-ster Roll!
  33. Why do tennis games stretch for hours? Those long lines are quite a match delay!
  34. A tennis player invited their coach for dinner because they wanted to dish out an ace meal!
  35. At a tennis ball party, one said to another, “Together, we’re simply smashing!”
  36. Why did the tennis player avoid card games? They couldn’t handle the shuffle’s sound!
  37. When’s the end of tennis in Britain? At the final point of Wimble-DONE.
  38. Did you hear about the tennis player who argued with his opponent? It turned into quite a racket!
  39. What do you call a tennis player who throws a tantrum? A racket breaker!
  40. Where do tennis enthusiasts flock to? To Tennis-ee, the ace state!
  41. I once dated a tennis player, but it didn’t last—love meant zero to him.
  42. The best way to serve a tennis ball? Start with a well-played love game!
  43. Before a match, tennis players often say, “Ready to volley for victory?”
  44. Who’s the most centered person on the tennis court? Annette, right in the middle!
  45. A tennis player wears two pairs of pants in case of a double fault, or a sudden split!
  46. When the tennis player lost their racket, they exclaimed, “This is losing grip on me!”

Tennis Puns Guaranteed to Cause a "Racquet"

  1. “You’ve met your match; I’m quite the racketeer!”
  2. “I’m not causing a racket, I’m just serving some fun!”
  3. “Love means nothing in tennis, but it’s everything in this game!”
  4. “This game is quite gripping – just like my new tennis racket!”
  5. “Our tennis team is unbeatable, we’ve got a net advantage!”
  6. “I’m a tennis player on the surface, but deep down, I’m all about the baseline.”
  7. “My tennis skills are like an overused ball – a bit fuzzy!”
  8. “I tried to play tennis with an old phone, but the reception was terrible!”
  9. “When I play tennis, I’ve got a lot of backhand compliments.”
  10. “I told a tennis joke at the club, but it was a total fault.”

Do You Have Your Own Hilarious Tennis Jokes?

Let us know! We’d be happy to add them to our list of tennis jokes and tennis puns. The Kid Tennis Hub team hopes you enjoyed this volley of tennis humor! Whether you’re on the court or just enjoying a break, these jokes are a great way to add a little extra bounce to your day. Keep smiling and sharing the joy, both on and off the tennis court.