Kids Tennis Shoe Review: NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X

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The NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X is one of the most sought after kids tennis shoes. We tested it out, compared it with other popular models, and compiled our findings. Does this Nike tennis shoe live up to expectations? Read our official review to find out!

Overall Rating of the NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X

nike court junior vapor x tennis shoe review

This is one of our favorite kid’s tennis shoes. In fact, it beats all other junior tennis shoes not made by Adidas, by a mile. Hence, we’ve awarded it a 9.5/10. The shoe can fit a wide range of age groups, ranging from 6 years old and up. The Vapor X comes in a variety of colorful styles appealing to both boys and girls (and parents).

Junior Vapor X Features:

Pros and Cons of the NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X

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How The Junior Vapor X Compares to Other Kids Tennis Shoes

The NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X can be classified as one of the premium kid’s tennis shoes. Click here to check the most up-to-date price on Amazon. The substantial price tag does come with advantages over other models though.

This Nike shoe is one of the most breathable tennis shoes we’ve came across for both kids and adults. Breathable mesh is located all around the shoe (including the lining), in every place except the lower heel which must be structurally sound for support reasons. The abundance of synthetic cushioning reduces the effects of that after-practice-smell we know all too well. Support is not sacrificed for the sake of breathability. The shoe’s midsoles are enforced with foam cushioning, helping to alleviate direct force to the child’s feet. Like the adult version of this shoe, the comfort exceeds that of most tennis shoes for children with normal-sized feet. That being said, it can create some problems for kids with wide feet. Even with the Dynamic Fit System, the Vapor X is a tight fit for wide-footed individuals, and can occasionally lead to blistering.

Pictured below is the herringbone outsole pattern, which provides great traction on the court. Change-of-direction is a huge part of tennis and these shoes check all the boxes in that category. Kids wearing the Vapor X should be able to quickly pivot without any risk of slipping. It should be noted that these shoes are intended to be worn on hard courts, not grass or clay.

The outsole design is quite stylish as well, featuring the iconic Nike swoosh in a bold manner. The biggest drawback to these court shoes, and most Nike junior tennis shoes in general, is that they wear out considerably faster than other brands—specifically Adidas. Many individuals prefer Nike’s tight-fitting feel, but durability is often sacrificed to get this benefit. If your child plays tennis 2-3 times a week, the shoes may wear through at the toe section after an estimated 6-8 months. This is more common for kids age 10+, as they tend to pivot on their toes more frequently. 

Where to Buy the NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X Tennis Shoes

You can find the NikeCourt Jr. Vapor X kids tennis shoes on Amazon. Click the image to the right to check if they are in stock. If they are sold out (this can happen for popular tennis shoes, ESPECIALLY NIKE SHOES), feel free to see if an older model of the shoe is available such as the Nike Kids Court Jr Vapor Tennis.

These may be discounted, but they are very similar to the model we just reviewed. If you need sizing help, refer to our kid’s tennis shoes sizing chart below.

junior vapor x tennis shoes nike

Kids Tennis Shoes Sizing Chart

Age (years)US Shoe SizeFoot Length
512.57 1/4
613.57 1/2
71Y7 5/8
93Y8 3/8
104Y8 5/8
126Y9 3/4

Choosing the Right Tennis Gear

Your child will always be more likely to “stick with tennis” if they are using the right gear. Not only does this enhance their ability to learn and improve, but it increases their confidence as well. This means equipping your child with the best junior tennis racket possible, a good kids tennis backpack, and other kids tennis gear. As usual, if you have any specific questions about Nike kid’s tennis shoes (or other brands too), feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly.