Junior Tennis Guides

tennis terminology

Tennis Terminology Explained

If you are planning on teaching your child tennis, then you ought to understand basic tennis terminology. Keep this guide to tennis lingo handy in case you need to look something up.

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usta net generation

USTA Net Generation – What is it?

The recently released online platform “Net Generation” aims to help parents get their children involved in tennis. The website is owned by the United States Tennis Association (USTA). Here’s everything parents need to know about Net Generation.

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keep kids interested in tennis

How to Keep Your Child Interested in Tennis

Getting your kids into tennis is the easy part. Children tend to fall in love with the sport shortly after being introduced. Just like other junior sports, however, external factors can lead to a loss of interest. One of the most common questions we receive, is “how to keep them interested?”

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is tennis safe for kids

Is Tennis Safe for Kids?

Is tennis truly safe for kids? Parents ask us this question all the time. Yes, tennis is a “non-contact sport” but are there other risks? Indeed, there are. Here’s what safety concerns you need to be aware of, and how to address them.

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when to start tennis lessons for kids

When to Start Tennis Lessons

Wondering when the appropriate time is to start tennis lessons for your child? We’ve created an informative guide to help you make the right decision based on age, maturity, and more. Read on to determine when your child should begin tennis lessons.

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kids tennis clothes

7 Best Kids Tennis Clothes

It can be difficult to pick the right outfits for your children’s tennis practices. To help tennis parents like yourself, we have compiled a list of our top 7 kids’ tennis clothes and outfits for both boys and girls.

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usta tennis link

USTA Tennis Link – What You Need to Know

Junior and adult players who are serious about tennis need to become acquainted with USTA Tennis Link. The online hub coordinates leagues, tournaments, and other tennis play opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know about Tennis Link.

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