Is Kids Tennis Expensive?

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Raising children is expensive. Unfortunately, getting your kids involved with recreational activities can add to these expenses. When parents are looking to get their kids into sports, tennis can often be overlooked due to conceptions that it’s expensive to play. Money shouldn’t be an obstacle when your child’s development and overall happiness is involved. Hence, we’ve created this article which attempts to clarify just how expensive kids tennis truly is.

is kids tennis expensive

Location is a Huge Factor

If you live in a warm location with minimal rainy days, then you’re in luck—tennis is relatively inexpensive for you, as compared to others in colder climates. This is because in colder climates that are infamous for rain or snow, indoor courts are a necessity. Tennis in the rain is doable, but definitely not recommended. You’d be surprised by how much it costs tennis facilities to maintain indoor courts. Insulation, heating, and other maintenance costs add up quickly. For this reason, indoor tennis facilities have to charge players drastically higher price premiums to use their courts.

Hourly rates for indoor courts can vary based on the club or facility you choose. Lower end clubs will charge $15-$30 per hour per person, while higher-end establishments will charge upwards of $60 per hour per person. Most “traditional” tennis clubs require guests to pay monthly membership dues to have access to court rentals.

In my junior tennis days, I was in Seattle, Washington, where 3 out of 4 seasons consisted of nonstop rain. This meant my junior tennis costs were somewhat high during these seasons, but extremely affordable during the Summer due to being able to play outside. If you live in an area that has good weather year-round, then tennis court access can potentially be 100% free. Most cities and towns in the United States feature numerous free-to-use public tennis courts. While they may not be in as good of condition as indoor facilities or private clubs, you can save a fortune from sticking to public courts.

How Much Does Tennis Coaching Cost?

Depending on your child’s age and skill level, you may decide to get them involved with a professional tennis coach, (whether it be through a group class, or a private lesson) or start off coaching them yourself. Obviously, it is much cheaper to go the “parent coach route.” However, as your child becomes more developed, it is important for them to learn the proper fundamentals and technique while not developing bad tendencies. This is where a professional tennis coach can make a huge, positive impact.

Here are ballpark average costs for various forms of kids tennis coaching:

  • 1 hour private lesson – $50
  • 90 minute group lesson –  $25
  • 5 day summer camp, 3 hours per day – $300

If you are a member at a tennis facility, then you can likely get coaching at a discounted rate (usually about 15%).

Kids Tennis Gear Costs

Tennis gear is rarely inexpensive. Fortunately, kids tennis gear tends to be much cheaper than adult equipment. Here’s a list of the minimum required gear for kids tennis:

And some option gear that is recommended, but not absolutely necessary to get your kid into tennis:

How much do all of these costs? It varies based on the product type—you should be willing to spend on certain products such as rackets, shoes and bags. For these items, quality matters. There is a large difference between a $10 racket, and a $40 racket; so much so that it can make a big impact on your kids early tennis development. 

Shoes are important because low quality tennis shoes that don’t have the proper support can lead to long-term foot problems. In terms of tennis balls, grips and dampeners, feel free to go bargain hunting. There’s not really any added value from spending more on these items. 

Kids tennis shoes can cost anywhere from $30 to $90, based on the brand and quality. Rackets have an extremely large price range as well. To view up-to-date kids tennis racket prices on Amazon, click here.

Kids Tennis can be Affordable or Expensive - You Choose!

If you are so inclined, you can invest in the newest tennis equipment, and hire top-of-the-line coaches for your children. Or, you can take your kids to the local park and teach them how to play as a parent coach (by using online informative resources like Kid Tennis Hub). It’s your choice. What really matters is your kid’s experience. Are they having fun? Are they learning valuable lessons from teachable moments? Are they building character? These are the questions that truly matter, and the amount of money you spend has nothing to do with them. If you have any further questions about how much kids tennis costs, don’t hesitate to reach out.