Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet Review

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A good tennis racket can make your child’s experience with tennis a good one, just as a bad racket can be a massive hindrance. Head creates some of the highest-quality junior tennis equipment, such as the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet. We have been asked quite a few times about this racket by parents, so we created a complete review to help you decide if you should get it for your child. Here is our overall rating and opinion of the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet.

Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet Review

Pros and Cons of Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racket Pros:

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Our Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet Rating

Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Our overall rating of the Head Speed Kids Racket is 8/10 or 4 stars. It’s a very balanced racket with no major flaws. Sizes are available for junior players age 4-12.

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Favorite Features:

A Great Racket for Young Beginners

We love the lightweight nature of the Head Speed Kids racket—It’s perfect for young beginners. With less weight comes more control and accuracy, which is vital for junior players. Heavy rackets can lead to overhitting, one of the most difficult bad tendencies to fix. Don’t be fooled though; this junior racket still packs enough of a punch for your child to hit full groundstrokes from the baseline.

As with most Head junior rackets, the durability grades well… with one exception. The racket grip tape can loosen or even fall off after a fair amount of usage. This isn’t too big of a concern however, as grips can be easily replaced, and they’re typically pretty cheap. If you’d rather avoid this and are willing to pay a premium for optimal durability, then check out our review of the Blade 25 Junior Tennis Racket. We love this racket, but it should be noted that it’s a better option for more advanced junior players.

One of our favorite things about this racket is the fact that there are 4 sizes and models. This means your child will have a more seamless transition when outgrowing each racket. Children’s tennis development can take a negative hit when switching to a completely different racket. It can seem as if months of progress have been erased, while bad habits have sprung up out of nowhere. If you decide to go with the Head Speed Kids Racket, then you can rest assured knowing your child won’t go through any of these setbacks due to equipment changes.

Sizing for the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Sizing for junior tennis rackets is based off of your child’s age. While it’s not 100% accurate due to every child being unique, it’s still pretty reliable. Here is the Head Speed Kids Racket sizing, model and color specifications for children depending on age:

  • Kids age 4 years old—19 inch model (green)
  • Kids age 5 years old—12 inch model (red)
  • Kids age 6-8 years old—23 inch model (yellow)
  • Kids age 9-12 years old—25 inch model (blue)

To learn more about junior racket sizing, read our kids tennis racket size guide

Check the Latest Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet Price

To view the most recently updated price and read customer reviews from other tennis parents, check out the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racket on Amazon here. As it is one of the top rated junior tennis rackets on Amazon, Head can occasionally run out of stock. Hence, if you are interested in getting a good-value racket for your child, do it sooner rather than later!

head speed kids tennis racket

Get the Top Kids Tennis Equipment

All in all, the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racket is an all-around solid option for young beginners. If value for what you pay for is important to you, then nothing can beat this Head junior racket. Setting up your children for early success in tennis isn’t just about rackets. Other kids tennis gear matters too, such as shoes, bags, clothing, hats, and more! To learn more about getting your child into tennis, check out the Kid Tennis Hub Ultimate Guide for Tennis Parents.