Dunlop Nitro Junior Tennis Racket Review

Finding the best tennis racket for your child can be an intimidating process. There’s an array of brands and racket types to choose from. Dunlop Sports has been making high-quality tennis gear for nearly 100 years; but the brand often gets overlooked relative to Wilson, Prince, Babolat, and Head. From the 1930s through the 1960s, Dunlop set the bar with it’s iconic Maxply racket. Creating solid rackets has always one of Dunlop’s strengths, and the Nitro Junior Tennis Racket is another excellent option. It is affordable, beginner-friendly, and a good fit for most junior players. Let’s dive into this Dunlop racket review.

dunlop sports nitro junior tennis racket

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Pros and Cons of the Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket

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dunlop nitro junior tennis racket

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A Childhood Racket to Use Throughout the Years

Tennis can be quite an expensive sport. Equipment, lessons, coaches, and court memberships add up relatively fast. For intermediate and advanced players, investing in a high-quality, $180 racket may make sense. However, for beginners and casual players, an inexpensive, reliable racket is preferred. Even more so for evolving youth who will outgrow their racket every few years. The Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket is a great option that can be seamlessly replaced as your kid gets older and develops muscles. Dunlop offers five lengths and colors, which is more than most competitors have on the market for a single model.

Although the affordability of this racket is a huge plus, it comes with some disadvantages. The strings are made of basic synthetic materials. These strings might lack the resilience and touch that a more expensive racket could provide. As your child becomes more advanced, they may detect that the racket feels stiff or lacks the responsiveness to perform the spin and power they desire. Fortunately if this becomes an issue, you can invest in a quality set of racket strings. (You will have to find a club or specialist with a stringing machine, however)

The Dunlop racket frame is made of aluminum, which is quite durable and recommended for beginners. The thing is, aluminum is not the lightest material for rackets. Graphite and carbon fiber composites are among the most lightweight and offer a combination of low weight, strength, and flexibility.

The design of the Nitro Junior Tennis Racket is also developmentally-friendly. The racket face features a higher surface area, especially with the 19-inch and 21-inch models. This allows for easier contact with the ball, ideal for juniors learning tennis. Even with the larger face, it is still light enough for children to lift and maneuver easily. 

Overall, if you are looking for a racket for beginners, young toddlers, or kids who play casually, we highly recommend the Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket.

Pick the Best Dunlop Nitro Racket Size for your Child Based on their Age

One of the hardest parts of finding a racket that’s the right fit for your child is ensuring proper sizing. Listed below are the Nitro Junior Tennis Racket’s color and grip size options, organized by age and racket length

Racket LengthRecommended AgeColor OptionsGrip Size
19 inch4 yearsGreen/Black4 inches
21 inch4-5 yearsWhite/Yellow/Black
or Yellow/Black
4 inches
23 inch6-8 yearsWhite/Blue/Black
or Blue/Black 
4 inches
25 inch9-10 years


or Red/Black

4 inches
27 inch10-13 yearsWhite/Black 4 ⅜ inches

Check the Latest Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket Price

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Dunlop Nitro Junior Tennis Racket

Set Your Child Up For Success with a Dunlop Junior Racket

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