when to start tennis lessons for kids

When to Start Tennis Lessons

Wondering when the appropriate time is to start tennis lessons for your child? We’ve created an informative guide to help you make the right decision based on age, maturity, and more. Read on to determine when your child should begin tennis lessons.

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usta tennis link

USTA Tennis Link – What You Need to Know

Junior and adult players who are serious about tennis need to become acquainted with USTA Tennis Link. The online hub coordinates leagues, tournaments, and other tennis play opportunities. Here’s everything you need to know about Tennis Link.

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tennis racket size for kids age

Tennis Racket Size for Kids Based on Age

Which size tennis racket should you get for your child? Too large/heavy of a racket can lead to safety concerns, while too small of a racket can hinder their early tennis development. In this guide, we’ll show you how to pick the correctly-sized tennis racket for your kid.

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can you play tennis in the rain

Can You Play Tennis in the Rain?

If you’re a tennis player living in a rainy environment, I feel your pain. The worst feeling is when you arrive to a court to play tennis, and it starts down pouring. Let’s take a look at if and how you can play tennis in the rain.

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kids tennis games

Best Tennis Games for Kids

Introducing enjoyable, skill-building games to your child can be instrumental to their early-stage tennis development. It heightens their interest in the sport while also incentivizing good tennis habits in order to win. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite tennis games for kids.

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