Kids Tennis Benefits

kids tennis health benefits

Health Benefits of Playing Junior Tennis

Is tennis a ‘healthy’ sport for your child to play? Indeed! Tennis can be played by kids of all ages and skill levels, and provides ongoing physical, mental, and social health benefits. Learning and playing junior tennis is a great way for kids to stay active, healthy, and happy.

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is kids tennis expensive

Is Kids Tennis Expensive?

Many parents view the financial costs associated with tennis as a barrier to entry for getting their kids involved. Perceived high expenses shouldn’t be a reason to not introduce your children to tennis. Here’s how much tennis costs depending on location, coaching, and equipment.

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tennis good for kids

5 Reasons why your Kid NEEDS to Play Tennis

Tennis is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports for children. Known as “the sport you can play for life,” tennis is replete with physical, mental, and many other benefits for all ages. Read more to find out why your child should play tennis from a young age!

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