Best Kids Tennis Shorts

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A solid pair of kids tennis shorts can make a surprisingly huge difference regarding your child’s experience with the sport. I have personal experience with this, as my tennis wardrobe consisted of bulky, non-breathable, pocket-lacking basketball shorts in my very early adolescence. My parents made the all too common mistake of assuming that all kids’ athletic shorts can be worn for any youth sport. This guide will showcase our top picks for the best kids tennis shorts for boys and girls. We will also highlight key traits to look for when comparing various youth tennis shorts.

best kids tennis shorts

How Kids Tennis Shorts Differ From Standard Athletic Shorts

Before showing you our favorite youth tennis shorts, let’s discuss what to keep an eye out for when searching for a solid pair.

  • MUST have pockets: In other junior sports, the players don’t have to carry the balls with them. Conversely, tennis absolutely requires shorts with pockets. While adult pairs should be able to hold two, girls and boys tennis shorts only need to hold 1 ball.
  • Typically shorter than length of basketball shorts: There’s a big difference in appearance between these two sport shorts. Basketball shorts are more bulky and long due to protection from sliding on the hard floor (and Michael Jordan made them popular). Tennis shorts are shorter to allow for optimal flexibility when hitting forehands and backhands.
  • Breathability matters more: With constant scrambling around the court comes inevitable sweating. Moisture wicking fabric is a necessity, especially if your child is playing in a hot, outdoor environment. Junior tennis shorts also tend to be more lightweight as compared to standard athletic shorts; this allows for increased mobility.

Our Favorite Kids Tennis Shorts for Boys

These Adidas boys tennis shorts are superb! Made from 100% polyester and imported, these shorts feature large pockets for holding tennis balls, they have a handy pull-on closure, and they can be machine washed with ease. With Adidas “Aeroready” fabric, these shorts actively optimize body moisture, helping to keep your child dry and comfortable during practice or matches. The shorts have a regular fit that will suffice for most kids between the ages of 4 and 16 depending on their size. There’s also an inner leg mesh gusset that allows for increased mobility and breathability. These kids’ tennis shorts feature the classic 3 stripes of Adidas on one leg with the primary logo displayed on the other. These shorts may not be as durable as other general sports shorts for kids due to the lightweight material. However, when it comes to youth tennis shorts, I would advise sacrificing some durability for maximum breathability and mobility.

Adidas Boys' Club Tennis 3-Stripes Shorts

adidas boys tennis shorts

Best Kids Tennis Shorts for Girls

For parents seeking a comfortable and durable pair of tennis shorts for their daughter, these polyester girls’ tennis shorts may be worth considering. These shorts come with a tie string for pull-on closure; the stretchy waistband makes these shorts really adaptable to girls of all sizes. The lightweight woven fabric is both comfortable and breathable. The open hand pockets are great for holding 1 ball each (2 is likely a stretch). With a 3-inch inseam and a fuller cut, kids can move as freely as they would wearing a youth tennis skirt. The short’s material is designed to wick sweat away from the body, so your child will stay relatively dry in the sun. However, the shorts don’t have the top-tier moisture-wicking capabilities that other pairs of synthetic fiber shorts have. For some reason, the Amazon listing states that these shorts are cotton. This isn’t true, as we would not recommend cotton tennis shorts; they are usually heavier and can’t breathe as well as synthetic fabrics.

Under Armour Girls' Fly By Shorts

under armour girls tennis shorts

Top Budget-Friendly Boys Tennis Shorts

These boys’ tennis shorts are extremely comfortable, and they don’t break the bank! Last time I checked, certain colors and styles go for as low as $15! For a pair kids tennis shorts that check all of the boxes, that’s a stupendous value. The quick-dry polyester fabric won’t let your child overheat when it’s hot out. The shorts feature a drawstring closure that ensures optimal snugness. The fabric is effective at wicking away moisture from the body and drying quickly, making them ideal for long practice sessions. The elastic waistband and adjustable inner drawstring helps mold to whatever waist size your son happens to be. These shorts also come with two side zipper pockets (I’m a big advocate for pockets with zippers) for holding balls; they are pretty sizeable, too! If you get one of the sizes for children age 11-14, then they should be able to comfortably hold 4 total tennis balls at a time.

ANHDM Boy's Athletic Shorts for Tennis

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The reflective strips at the hem of the youth tennis shorts are pretty stylish. This is something I personally look for when shopping for tennis shorts. The main drawback of these inexpensive tennis shorts is that they won’t last incredibly long, even compared to the other pairs covered in this guide. That whole “you get what you pay for” concept is at least partially true in this sense. Nevertheless, these shorts are a great choice for parents seeking a pair of budget-friendly youth tennis shorts that compromises on quality to a minimal extent.

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Best Bundle: Youth Tennis Shorts for Girls


4 Pack Youth Girls' Athletic Shorts for Tennis

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Best Big Kids Tennis Shorts (Boys)

There’s not a ton of big kid tailored tennis shorts out there. Fortunately, this pair is a fantastic option that is widely available. It’s also available in standard sizing, not just big-kid. These Under Armour kids tennis shorts are built to LAST. I consider them some of the most durable tennis shorts on the market. At the same time, they’re designed for peak comfort and accurate fitting. Nearly every buyer says it fits to size on Amazon. So if you want to just get a pair, not have to worry about exchanging it for a new size and be done with it, then this is likely your best bet. The fuller cut on these boys tennis shorts is comfortable, while the fabric is smooth, lightweight, and quick-drying. All of the mandatory boxes are checked. Plus, the black and “birdie-green” color combo is sleek!

Under Armour Boys' Big Kid Prototype 2.0 Shorts

kids tennis shorts for boys

A Great Pair of Youth Tennis Shorts is a Necessity!

There you have it! Hopefully you found a solid pair of youth tennis shorts that fits your child’s specific needs. Of course, you can always browse for tennis legwear at physical stores, but the only shops that will have decent options are tennis-ONLY retail locations. This translates to overly expensive tennis shorts, because that’s just how the tennis apparel market is.

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