Best Kids Tennis Rackets for 2023

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So you’re looking for the best kids tennis racket that will be an appropriate fit for your child. There are numerous specifications to balance such as racket size, weight, durability, material, and grip. Tennis racket colors and designs shouldn’t be ignored too. In this article, we will summarize our favorite kids tennis rackets in 2023, in order to specifically tailor our recommendations to your child. We’ve also included a handy age/racket size chart to help you make the best racket-buying decision possible.

Best Tennis Racket for Younger Kids

The Babolat Nadal Rafa is our top pick for young juniors age 5-8. The racket has a length of 19 inches, though there are larger sizes available. The super light-weight frame makes it ideal for young players because it’s easy to swing fast. Most of the other rackets on this list would not be suitable for kids less than 6 years old, because they would require too much exerted effort. Children’s muscles simply haven’t developed this much by the time they’re 5. 

A few other reasons we love Nadal’s youth racket? The stock grip is really tacky, which leads to fewer flying rackets and increased control. Also, the frame minimizes vibration, so buying an extra dampener isn’t necessary. This junior racket has an eclectic color scheme, featuring numerous eye-catching highlights. Another racket we like for young beginners is the Dunlop Nitro Junior Tennis Racket.

Babolat Nadal Rafa Junior Tennis Racquet

babolat kids tennis racket for 2023

Best Tennis Racket for Older Kids

The Babolat Nadal 26 is our top pick for kids age 9-12. It’s branded by Raphael Nadal, though it’s not just for lefties. The racket’s material is carbon fiber with a light aluminum frame, allowing for full forehand and backhand strokes. If you or your children follow professional tennis, it’s hard not to get excited by the thought of your kid playing competitive tennis while looking like Nadal. The Babolat racket has a paint job that is designed to look identical to Nadal’s favorite racket, the Pure Aero.

The racket weighs 8.8 ounces and spans a length of 26 inches. Beginners over the age of 9 can thrive with this racket. The ultra-light design allows kids to fine-tune their fundamental techniques from the beginning, so that bad habits aren’t formed in their early stages.

Babolat Aero Junior 26" Tennis Racquet

best babolat junior racket

Top Tennis Racket for Boys

The HEAD Speed Racket is one of the most versatile options for boys available in 2023. For instance, there are 4 sizes available: 19, 21, 23, and 25 inches. This means your child can start off with the green 19-inch racket at 5 or 6 years old, and naturally progress through the other models until reaching the blue 25-inch model at around age 10 or 11. Consistency in “racket feel” can be key when it comes to junior tennis development, as it creates one less disruptive variable. When I played tennis as a junior, every time I switched to a different racket brand or style, it felt like I was set back a few months of practice. 

We love this racket for reasons other than the extensive sizing options. Relative to other kid’s tennis rackets, the Speed’s head size is smaller. This can be beneficial for boys trying to improve their accuracy and racket control. Most boys try and overpower the ball and hit macho winners, rather than practicing consistency and control. As a “pusher” myself, I can’t say enough about mastering control from a young age, hence our recommendation of the HEAD Speed Junior Racket.

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racket

Head kids tennis racket 2023

Top Tennis Racket for Girls

The Wilson Junior Burn Pink excels at motivating girls to play tennis. I mean, who doesn’t love the energizing, bright pink? The racket comes in 3 sizes, 19, 21, and 23 inches. These sizes cover the age span of girls 4-8 years old. See our size chart at the bottom of the article for further guidance on which model to get. 

Wilson makes great tennis rackets, and they’ve hit another home run with the Junior Burn Pink. The larger 23″ model is perfect for hitting full groundstrokes, while the smaller 19″ is light and stable enough to practice volleys. 

My colleague bought this junior racket for his daughter, and she absolutely adores it. She brings it to practice every week in an enthusiastic manner, decorating it with colorful dampeners to show off to friends. We have no complaints about the Wilson Junior Burn Pink!

Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racket

2023 wilson kids tennis racket

Our Personal Favorite Kids Tennis Racket

The Wilson US Open Junior Racket checks all of the boxes. Like the HEAD Speed, this racket comes in 4 sizes: 19, 21, 23, and 25 inches. These size options are suitable for kids age 5-11. The aluminum frame is both super durable and ultra-lightthe perfect combination for children’s tennis. 

Contrary to the HEAD Speed, the Wilson US Open Junior Racket has a significantly larger head size. For this reason, we recommend it for younger kids. Accuracy is a skill developed closer to the 8-12 age range. This is when you should equip your kid with a racket featuring a smaller head size. If your child is less than 8 years old, consider the 19″ or 21″ US Open rackets. The large head size makes cleanly contacting the ball much easier for juniors, which is the building block that most other tennis skills are built on. This high-quality racket by Wilson comes in a multitude of color patternsyou shouldn’t have any trouble finding one your kid will love!

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket

youth wilson racket

Kids Tennis Racket Size Chart

best tennis racket for kids 2021

This chart is somewhat helpful for determining what racket size to get, but if you want to be 100% sure that you are purchasing the correct size, read our Kid’s Tennis Racket Size Guide. Keep in mind that if your junior player is 13 or older, (and are an intermediate to advanced level) then size 27 inch tennis rackets may be a better option for them.

Choosing the Right Tennis Racket

Your child will be more likely to “stick with tennis” if they are sporting the proper gear. Not only does using a great racket maximize their ability to learn and improve, but it increases their overall confidence. Many of the rackets we recommend come with a basic sleeve for your kid to tote their racket around in. If you are interested in getting a more permanent bag, read our list of the best tennis backpacks for kids. Per usual, if you have any specific questions about the best kids tennis rackets for 2023, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly.

We will be creating a list of our favorite kids tennis rackets for 2024 in the coming months. Stay tuned!