Best Kids Tennis Nets

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Are you thinking about getting a portable kids tennis net, so your children can play anywhere (like in the driveway) and can improve at tennis faster than with an adult-sized net? If yes, then you’re in the right place. The coaching experts at Kid Tennis Hub have compiled a list of the 5 best kids tennis nets to use with your children.

Kids Tennis Nets for 10 and Under Tennis

When teaching tennis to children under 10 years old, it is highly advantageous to play in a scaled-down environment instead of using a full tennis court. By this, I mean you should be using different court dimensions, a specialized net, and colored kids tennis balls (the color you should get depends on their age). Doing so allows for faster development, longer rallies, more overall fun.

Using scaled down equipment and rules for children in tennis was formally introduced in 2008 by the USTA. In 2021, we are now seeing that players coached with scaled-down equipment when they were young have improved faster, and to a greater extent skill-level wise. As a tennis coach, I personally believe the game of tennisboth recreational and professionalwill evolve tremendously over the next 10 years in terms of quality of play BECAUSE of the improved junior tennis transition process made possibly by specialized nets, balls, and other training equipment.

Let’s get into our top 5 picks for the best kids tennis nets. All of these nets are available in sizes between the recommended width of 17-18 feet, and can all be adjusted to the recommended height of 33-35 inches. All kids tennis nets are entirely portable as well, coming with carry-bags so you can easily bring them to the nearest court or pavement. Each option can be a great driveway tennis net as well.

Consider These Factors When Choosing a Kids' Tennis Net

When selecting a kids’ tennis net, there are several factors you need to consider. Your tennis net requirements will depend on your child’s age, skill level, and time spent playing. For instance, if your junior is regularly playing tennis in the backyard and the net can stay up, you might look for a net that is made of weather-resistant and durable materials. Opting for a steel net would offer more stability, but it would be a hassle to put together and heavy to transport. However, if you need a portable net, consider finding a net that is easy to assemble and teardown. Tennis nets made of aluminum are also a great option, as it is a lightweight material that is easy to carry. 

Additional factors to examine include if the tennis net’s height can be adapted depending on your kid’s height. A 6-year-old will certainly need a shorter net than a middle schooler! With that in mind, also pay attention to the safety features, such as rounded edges, and the strength of the net stitching. While we love a good bargain, selecting the cheapest net available without these features might create problems done the line.

If the net is being used for family gatherings, we recommend looking into a net that is adjustable and compatible for other sports. For example, the HIT MIT kids tennis net can be adjusted for badminton or pickleball games. As an added bonus, some kids tennis nets include accessories, such as rope court lines and ground stakes.

Boulder Portable Net Set

It’s no wonder why this net is the #1 best seller kids tennis net on Amazon. The Boulder Portable Net Set is incredibly durable and doesn’t rust away even in humid climates. This is due in part to the steel buildother net poles tend to be made from less-durable metals which reduce the longevity

Like many of the nets we cover, the Boulder Set can be raised if your family fancies a game of badminton. This kids tennis net comes in 2 color schemes: the classic yellow and black, and an alternative blue and red.

Another reason we love the Boulder set (and have used their nets with juniors we coach) is the company’s customer service team. They are super helpful and will usually replace your net for free if it starts to sag. Fortunately, the set comes with hooks that can be attached to the net grommets in order to prevent net sagging in the first place.

Our Favorite Portable Kids Tennis Net

raisable kids tennis net

Wilson EZ Tennis Net

This red portable tennis net is the only one piece of equipment on our list that is made by a major, well-known tennis brand—Wilson Sporting Goods. Wilson is one of the best tennis brands out there, and they continue to create trusted tennis products that are worth the price premium. We can’t heap enough praise on this kids net in terms of its quality, durability, and lightweight build (which makes transportation and portability a piece of cake). Along with court play, It’s also a great tennis net for the driveway.

An advantage it has over other nets is that it’s relatively simpler and quicker to assemble. Less parts and no tools required equals more hitting time! One thing to watch out for is that because the net is so lightweight, it can occasionally sag in the middle. An easy fix is to place a sandbag, brick or other weight on each end in order to tightly pull the uprights together. The reason the Wilson EZ Tennis Net isn’t #1 on our list is the fact that it tends to be more expensive relative to other kids tennis nets.

High Quality Children's Tennis Net From a Reputable Brand

wilson portable tennis net

Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Net

This sleek, all-black net made by Aoneky is one of the easiest nets to set up and take down. This is because most of the structural pipes and tubes feature elastic chords that run inside them, similar to camping tent poles. Hence, it’s easy to tell which tube goes where, and the components can be easily separated and folded together for condensed storage after a tennis session with your child.

The main drawback is that if you live in a rainy climate and leave this net out in the rain, there’s a decent chance it will rust. The net stitching can be somewhat fragile as well, with several tennis parents reporting frays and tears.

Overall, the main selling point of this net is the simplistic nature of setting it up and taking it down. If you envision yourself setting up this net on a daily basis, and want the set-up process to be as hassle-free as possible, (heck, your children could probably set it up themselves) then this is probably the net for you!

The Easy Setup Kids Tennis Net

mini portable tennis net for kids

HIT MIT Adjustable Height Kids Tennis Net

This blue and orange kids tennis net is an all-around good option. It checks most of the boxes, it’s lightweight, and it’s priced decently given that there are no big red flags.

The aluminum poles are not as sturdy as steel, but they still hold up pretty well. Tennis parents may find themselves struggling to put this net together, as some of the poles can be difficult to fit together.

One bonus feature we love about this net is that it comes with 4 ground stakes and movable border lines, which can be used to mark the baselines and sidelines if you’re playing on a driveway instead of on a half-tennis court. The net can also be raised for a game of badminton if you have the required rackets and birdies.

A Junior Tennis Net with Bonus Features

quickstart kids tennis net for youth

Falconz Portable Net

The Falconz kids tennis net is easy to set up and dismantle. One of our favorite things about it: the net is regulation size for pickleball!

This means you can introduce your children to a variety of racket sports, or simply play the world’s fastest growing sport yourself.

The only issues we have with the Falconz portable net is that it’s heavier than other sets, and it can’t be adjusted as much as other models. Basically, you’re sacrificing ease of transportation and flexibility for an easy setup process and pickleball playability. Even though the structural poles are larger and heavier, the setup and stowaway process is still undemanding. Even though this net is #5 on our list, it’s still a great piece of equipment that we wouldn’t hesitate to use with the kids we coach for both sports!

The Sturdy Kids Tennis Net that Works for Pickleball

small tennis net that works for pickleball

Use the Correct Color Tennis Balls With Your Kids Tennis Net

Remember that it’s absolutely integral to use reduced air pressure colored tennis balls with scaled-down kids tennis nets. Doing so enables your child to practice full forehand and backhand strokes without the injury risk associated with using standard yellow tennis balls from a young age. To find out which color tennis ball to use with your child based on their age, read our Colored Tennis Ball Guide

Proper Tennis Gear Makes a Difference with Your Children

Getting a specialized tennis net for your child is one of the first steps to setting them up for success in the game of tennis. Even if you just use it as a driveway tennis net, then that means more repetitions and a faster rate of tennis skills development! The next step involves getting the best tennis racket, shoes, and balls, based on their age and skill level. For a basic overview of what to look at for your child, check out our Kids Tennis Gear Guide. To get more in-depth information, refer to our detailed “Guides” at the top menu.