Best Kids Tennis Hats and Visors

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Are you thinking about getting your child a kids’ tennis hat or visor? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Hats are CRUCIAL if your child is playing tennis in the sun. Not only do they protect your children from harmful UV rays, but they also help them see better and therefore play better on the court. Nobody likes losing sight of tennis balls in the sun. Thus, we have compiled a list of the 5 best kids tennis hats and visors, based on comfort, durability, breathability, material, and adjustability.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Kids Tennis Hat or Visor

When looking for a kids tennis hat or visor, you’ll want to find an option with breathable materials. In fact, breathability is the most important feature to consider! If your child tends to sweat a lot, stay away from cotton hats. It not only makes kids uncomfortable and hot, but us parents have to deal with the sweaty smell when cleaning the hat! Instead, opt for a lightweight cap with mesh and polyester. Look for added features such as moisture wicking materials and adjustable straps. Visors are a great alternative for children who tend to overheat in a hat. Hats, however, offer more sun protection. 

In addition to these considerations, find a hat that fits your kid’s style. If your daughter likes to showcase her hair styles, a visor may be best. If your son enjoys video games, try and find a hat that displays his favorite character. Monochrome hats are also a great option, as they can be paired with any tennis outfit. Keep in mind that dark colors can attract more heat, which is partially why white tends to be a favorite amongst players.

Best Nike Kids Tennis Hat

The Youth Aerobill Featherlight hat is our top pick from Nike’s line of junior tennis hats. It encompasses the perfect combination of breathability and durability. Nike makes great, lightweight hats that help prevent overheating. When I was a junior player, the main reason I wasn’t fond of wearing hats was the fact that overheating and head-sweat would become a problem after 20 minutes of playing tennis. Nike Dri-FIT saves the day!

Lightweight hat material has a reputation for wearing out and breaking easily. This kids tennis hat is one of the few exceptions, however, as Nike continues to excel at producing long-lasting products such as the Aerobill Cap. The adjustable hat fits a large spectrum of kids ranging from age 5-14. It’s offered in a white design with a black swoosh and brim edge, as well as an all-black design scheme with a white swoosh.

Kids Youth Aerobill Featherlight Cap

nike kids tennis hat

Best Adidas Kids Tennis Cap

This is one of our top picks for youth tennis hats offered by Adidas. We highlight another Adidas hat at the end of this article, which you’ll definitely want to take a look at.

This kids cap is not as light as the Nike model, but it is still a solid selection for a few reasons. First, it features a moisture-wicking sweatband on the inside of the hat, which helps alleviate head-sweat. The 80% polyester material is high-quality and it is surprisingly lightweight, even with the 20% cotton ratio. Another thing we love about this Adidas kids tennis hat is the fact that it comes in a variety of unique styles. Available colors include the classic black/white, bright blue/black, grey/yellow, grey/green, and a clean looking white/blue combo. This adjustable kids hat is perfect for children age 4-13.

Kids Decision Structured Adjustable Cap

adidas boys tennis hat

Top Wilson Kids Tennis Hat

This Wilson athletic hat is technically intended for junior golfers! Why did we put it on our list? Simply put, we love everything about it, and there’s no reason it can’t be used for tennis. The junior hat encompasses a solid combination of comfort, breathability, and adjustability. The tennis cap uses SnapX technology to achieve a perfect fit regardless of age and head size. The lightweight fabric makes this an ideal hat for kids who will be out in the sun for long hours during tennis Summer camps.

There is actually an adult version of this hat. Wearers responded really well to it, so Wilson decided to make a junior-optimized version of it. Featured styles include a white hat with a black logo, and an opposite black hat with a white logo. If you’re in an extremely hot climate, we recommend the white version, as it will absorb far less heat. This kids hat fits children in the age 5-14 age range.

Junior Pro Tour Hat

wilson youth tennis hat

A Great Tennis Visor for Young Kids

Leaning towards a kids tennis visor instead of a covered hat? If you’re not convinced that the lightweight breathability of our recommended hats will do the trick, then it doesn’t hurt to consider a visor. They guarantee your child won’t overheat the top of their head while playing tennis, although the sides can still take a sweaty toll. The primary downfall of kids’ tennis visors is that the selection tends to be narrow. Most visors are only sized for adults. 

Hence, the Decky Kid’s Visor is one of the few we recommend. It tends to be a budget-friendly option where “you get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, the 100% acrylic material means your child’s head may not breathe as well on the sides, but this is somewhat offset by the open top. The kid’s tennis visor comes in 9 colors: white, black, yellow, grey, beige, red, dark blue, and light blue. It is suitable for children age 9-13.

Decky Kid's Visor

kids tennis visor

Best Tennis Visor for Older Children

If your child prefers visors over hats, and they are a bit older, then check out the Hit Happy Adjustable Strap Tennis Visor made by Tennis Happies. The bright pink design makes this visor ideal for girls, though there is a royal blue option available as well.

Unlike the Decky visor, this model implements a mesh weave that helps to reduce sweat and increase comfort. It’s the optimal kids’ tennis hat for staying cool on the court. Plus, it’s hard not to vibe with the positive message displayed on the front. The Hit Happy visor can be worn by junior tennis players age 14 and up. Better yet, if your daughter (or son) isn’t a fan, then you can simply claim it for yourself! The vast adjustability means this stylish visor can be sported by children and parents alike. Did somebody say family photo on the tennis court?

Hit Happy Tennis Visor

girls tennis visor

Our Overall Favorite Kids Tennis Hat

The Adidas Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap is the BEST kids tennis hat, as reviewed by our team. It’s super lightweight, hand-washable, and it should last your child until they grow out of youth sizes. The hat features climacool mesh, which maximizes airflow and reduces sweat. The absence of cotton in the hat (it’s made out of 87% polyester and 13% spandex) limits overheating.

The under visor part of the bill is specialized to minimize glare from the sun if your child is playing tennis outside on a bright day. The hat shape is designed to fit in a relaxed manner without falling off while running. This means no discomfort from an overly tight fit. Essentially, this is the perfect tennis hat for kids who don’t like wearing tennis hats. The wide array of adjustability means it’ll take a while for your child to grow out of it. The unisex kids’ hat comes in 3 color schemes: black and white, grey and black, and white and pink. It’s the ideal junior tennis hat for those age 5-14.

Youth Superlite Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap

junior tennis hat

Sun Protection is Vital When Playing Outside

Getting the right kids tennis hat or visor for your child is a surprisingly crucial part of setting them up for success in the sport. There’s a reason that nearly all of the pros wear hats when playing outside. In fact, there are many reasons! If my child isn’t wearing SPF 100+ face sunscreen on a hot and sunny day, then I’m not letting them play tennis without a hat. Say NO to sunburns and eye damage.

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