5 Best Kids Tennis Court Shoes

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Choosing the right tennis court shoes for your child is very important; especially in their early stages of tennis development. You should pay attention to the following factors when buying kids tennis shoes:

  • Size and Fit: Ensure sure your child’s shoes fit properly and provide adequate support for his or her feet. To achieve an ideal fit, have their feet measured by a specialist.
  • Comfort: Seek for shoes that are cushioned and made of breathable materials to keep your child’s feet comfy during extended matches and practices.
kids tennis court shoes
  • Durability: Tennis shoes can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it’s common for tennis court shoes to become damaged beyond usability. This is typically due to constant pivoting on the toe-outsole part of the shoe. Thus, it’s wise to choose a pair constructed of strong materials (especially on the outsole) that can handle the rigors of the sport.
  • Court Traction: Tennis shoes should have adequate traction on a concrete hard court to avoid slipping and sliding.
  • Aesthetics and Style: While aesthetics may not be the most important criterion, I still recommend selecting a pair of shoes that your youngster enjoys and feels confident wearing.

Down below we’ll be reviewing our 5 favorite pairs of the best kid’s tennis shoes, while emphasizing their most notable characteristics. Fortunately, all tennis court shoe listings linked in this guide have great return policies. If the shoes don’t fit your child upon receiving them, you can easily return them to try another model or size.

Our Top Pick for Kids Tennis Court Shoes

The Adidas Junior Barricades are my favorite youth tennis shoes for many reasons; a big one is the fact that I wore an older line of these exact court shoes many years ago. After trying my first pair, I never went back. The shoe’s support, comfort, and durability are nearly unmatched based on my experience.

The shoes feature a lightweight and breathable synthetic material that keeps feet cool during long practice sessions. It also has a padded tongue and collar for increased comfort and support.

The Adidas Barricade’s steadiness is one of the most notable attributes. The shoe incorporates a TPU heel counter and a chassis that wraps around the foot to provide stability and avoid excessive movement on the court during side to side motion.

Adidas Child Barricade Tennis Shoes

adidas kids tennis shoes

I commend the Youth Barricades for their durability; As a junior player, I played tennis nearly every day. The outsoles remained free of holes until around eight months after getting a fresh pair. This is actually a formidable life span for a pair of constantly used tennis shoes.

The shoes are especially praised for its traction, which provides a firm hold on hard courts. The Adidas Barricades do tend to run somewhat small, so consider getting a half size larger than your child’s typical shoe size.

Overall, the Adidas Unisex-Child Barricade Tennis Shoes are a fantastic option for young tennis players who need robust and long-lasting court shoes. Just remember that even though these tennis court shoes served me exceptionally well, every junior player is different.

Most Supportive and Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Kids

The Wilson Unisex-Child Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoes are intended for juvenile tennis players who prefer a balance of speed, stability, and durability on the court. They have a quick lacing system for fast and quick fit modification, as well as 2D-FS technology for enhanced support and stability during lateral motions.

These kids tennis shoes also include a Duralast outsole for optimal traction and durability on all court surfaces, as well as a surprisingly lightweight design intended to improve the player’s speed and agility. To accommodate varied tastes, the shoes are available in a variety of color schemes.

Overall, the Wilson Unisex-Child Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoes are a decent choice for junior tennis players searching for a comfortable and supportive shoe that won’t cause blisters from the constant foot adjustments required in tennis.

Wilson Child Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoes

wilson kids tennis shoes

Best Kids Tennis Court Shoes for Beginners

The Asics Gel-Game 8 Grade School Tennis Shoes are intended for beginner-level tennis players looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe. They have a unique gel cushioning system, which provides exceptional shock absorption and comfort during tennis play, which can be advantageous for young players with foot and ankle muscles still in early development.

The shoes also include a solid outsole that gives traction on the court, which is important for avoiding slips and falls. The top is comprised of a stretchy material that provides a comfortable fit and mobility.

Durability is a minor concern with this pair of shoes. They won’t last nearly as long as the two pairs above; though beginning junior players won’t be playing as often, so this isn’t a huge issue.

These tennis court shoes occasionally run small and narrow, so ordering a half-size bigger may be preferable for a more comfortable fit.

Asics Kid's Gel-Game 8 Grade School Tennis Shoes

asics girls tennis shoes

Best Lightweight Kids Tennis Shoes for Breathability

The New Balance Kid’s 696 V4 Tennis Shoes are specifically developed for young tennis players who want a dependable and breathable shoe to help them perform at their best on the court. Below are some of the shoe’s primary characteristics and benefits.

The shoe is comprised of a combination of synthetic and mesh fabrics that create a pleasant and breathable fit. It also has a padded tongue and collar for enhanced comfort. In terms of durability, the shoe includes a rubber outsole that is intended to resist the wear and tear of regular court use. I would rate it’s durability as average, compared to the rest of the hard court tennis shoes on this list.

In terms of traction, the shoe features a herringbone-patterned outsole which provides decent traction on hard courts, allowing young players to move freely around the court. The tennis shoes are available in a wide variety of 12 colors and styles.

New Balance Kid's 696 V4 Tennis Shoes

new balance youth tennis shoes

Best Kids Tennis Court Shoes for Advanced Players

The HEAD Junior Revolt Pro 3.5 Tennis Court Shoes are our top recommendation to advanced juniors. With features including a soft EVA midsole, a sturdy rubber outsole, and a breathable mesh upper section, these tennis shoes are designed to provide exceptional stability and support on the court. The sneakers are very fashionable, with bright colors and a striking side emblem. They obviously score the highest marks in the style department.

In general, these HEAD Junior Tennis Shoes are a good choice for older youth tennis players who value comfort, support, and flare on the court.

Other tennis parents have recommended these tennis shoes for their durability and on-court performance. The outsole material is similar to that of the Adidas Barricades with the fishbone pattern that provides top-tier traction.

HEAD Child Junior's Revolt Pro 3.5 Tennis Court Shoes

head youth tennis court shoes

Finding a Great Pair of Youth Tennis Shoes is Key

As can be seen above, some of the most important features that solid tennis court shoes should have include comfort, durability and traction. The size and fit of the shoe always depends on your child’s unique characteristics as not all tennis shoes fit the same.

A word of advice is to commonly swap your kid’s old tennis shoes for new ones in the early stages of their tennis development. While you try out different brands and models, the hope is that you’ll find an amazing pair of junior tennis shoes that checks all of the boxes. Then you will always have a go-to pair of tennis court shoes to order when the outsole of the current pair wears down!

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