Best Kids Tennis Bags

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Searching for the perfect tennis bag for your child? It’s important to take durability, features, design, size, and overall appeal into account when deciding between bags. Certain bags are suitable for various age groups as well.

In this guide, we will cover the absolute best kids tennis bags to help you make an informed purchasing decision based on your preferences. If you are more interested in tennis bags with multiple shoulder straps rather than the traditional model, then feel free to check out our Top Kids Tennis Backpacks Guide.

best kids tennis bag

Most Stylish Kids Tennis Bag

This eye-catcher of a tennis bag has both utility value and visual appeal. The bright pink option is sure to bring a smile to your daughter, and if you have a son, there is a sleek black option as well. It can hold a maximum of 6 rackets, with extra room for shoes and other accessories. There are two shoulder straps, so it can be slung across a single shoulder, or worn as a backpack. The stylish Athletico bag includes 2 primary racket compartments with 2 additional side zippers. Our favorite hidden feature is the “Hide-Away” fence hook that lets your child hang their bag on a fence, keeping it off potentially dirty courts. Because it’s on the larger side of the kids tennis bag spectrum, we recommend it for children 7 and older.

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Athletico 6 Racquet Tennis Bag

Best Lightweight Kids Tennis Bag for Increased Portability

Does your child just have 1 racket and no need to lug anything else to tennis practice? If so, this cover bag may be an appropriate fit. It’s an incredibly simple tennis bag, but it’s far superior to the cheap, plastic covers that usually come with racket purchases. There is padding on both sides of the bag, so your child’s racket shouldn’t suffer any scratches if the case is dropped. This HEAD cover bag also features a fence loop for easy hanging. Because it’s so small and portable, this bag works for all ages. If your child is getting older and becoming more serious about tennis, consider a larger bag because they will eventually need more storage space for water, shoes, and spare rackets.

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HEAD Tennis Racquet Cover Bag

Best Budget Friendly Kids Tennis Bag

This junior tennis bag is a bargain if you’re on a tight budget. What makes this carrier stand out from other inexpensive tennis bags is the fact that the quality is superb! We’ve talked to multiple tennis parents who say their kids have gone 4+ years without a broken zipper or fabric tear. This bag can hold a maximum of 3 rackets, with side pockets for balls and other small items. It will be difficult to fit tennis shoes if your child has more than 1 racket, though. The lightweight yet durable tennis bag can be carried with the over-the-shoulder strap, or with the tote handle. This wallet-friendly 3 Racquet Bag is suitable for all ages, but we recommend it for younger children with a lighter load of tennis equipment to carry around.

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Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

Our Overall Top Kids Tennis Bag

Another junior tennis bag named after a pro! While I may not be the biggest fan of Djokovic due to his past whiny attitude, this HEAD bag’s amazing quality takes priority over my professional sports bias. The medium-large size bag is intended to be worn as a backpack, even though it’s of the traditional tennis bag shape. There are 2 additional handles for increased versatility. We mainly love this racket bag because it’s the perfect combination of durability, size, and comfort. HEAD is known for making high quality products that last, and this bag isn’t any different. It can hold up to 6 rackets, but your child will likely need a maximum of 3, leaving plenty of room for shoes and other gear. The cushioned straps are insanely comfortable for a tennis bagI would almost consider using it as a camping pack! All of the kids tennis bags we recommend are great choices, but Novak’s bag simply checks all the boxes.

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HEAD Novak Djokovic Junior Combi 6 Racquet Tennis Bag

Get your Child the Perfect Tennis Bag

Children are typically more likely to stick with tennis if they are sporting the proper gear. Kids want to feel confident in everything they do, especially in sports. Interested in learning more about our top recommendations for junior tennis gear including rackets, specialized tennis balls, and court shoes? Head on over to our master list of the best kids tennis equipment to browse our favorites.