Best Kids Tennis Backpacks

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So you’re looking for a tennis backpack that will be a good fit for your child. There are many factors to balance such as size, design, features, durability, and overall appeal. Different backpacks are suitable for certain age groups as well. Let’s go over the best kids tennis backpacks, depending on your specific preferences.

Best Tennis Backpack for Older Kids

This Babolat backpack checks all of our boxes. There are two main compartments, one for storing a racket, and one for the rest of your kid’s gear. There are also two zip-up side compartments for water bottles, tennis balls, or other small items. An additional “shoe compartment” is featured near the bottom of the backpack. The racket space can hold 2 rackets, which is perfect for older kids. We recommend this backpack for young tennis players at least 10 years old. This tennis backpack can actually fit parents as well. My 40-year-old doubles partner uses it as a smaller alternative to lugging around his other giant tennis bag!

Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Backpack

Best Tennis Backpack for Younger Kids

This HEAD Kids Racquet Backpack represents the ideal combination of utility and practicality for a young beginner. It features 3 compartments: one for a single racket, one for a change of clothes and tennis shoes, and one for snacks or other small items. The pack’s small size makes it perfect for juniors age 5-8. Plus, it won’t be overly heavy and clunky on your child’s shoulders. Styled in a blue and orange color arrangement, your child will surely stand out in their lessons with this tennis backpack.

HEAD Kids Racquet Backpack

Best "Multi-Use" Kids Tennis Backpack

One backpack for both school and tennis? Count us in. The numerous zipped compartments hold school supplies, clothing, lunch, and anything else you send your kid to school with. We really like the padded racket holder which makes transferring rackets in and out easy. But when it’s fully zipped up, there’s no chance your child will lose their rackets. The double water bottle-holder feature means your kid will never go thirsty! This tennis backpack is suitable for kids age 9+. It comes in 2 colors, gray and pink.

Athletico Compact City Tennis Backpack

Best Light/Small Kids Tennis Backpack

While having a huge tennis bag with a hundred compartments can be nice at times, there’s something to be said for packing The Alien Pros Lightweight Tennis Sling Backpack is perfect for this style of packing. For such a small bag, it has 3 compartments. It’s a “sling” backpack, so there is just one strap. This can be a plus for some, and a drawback for others. The main downfall is that your kid would have to carry their water bottle separately. Other than that, we love this backpack for it’s lightweight and mobility-centric features. We recommend it for kids 7+.

Alien Pros Lightweight Tennis Sling Backpack

Our Overall Favorite Kids Tennis Backpack

If we had to choose one kids tennis backpack overall, it would have to be the Babolat Classic Club Line Tennis Backpack. If you can’t tell, Babolat is our favorite producer of tennis backpacks. This one features 3 compartments, 1 for a racket (it can hold up to 2), 1 for other large items such as shoes, and 1 for small accessories. Something we love about this bag is the racket handle cover. Many tennis backpacks fail to protect racket handles, which means grips get dirty and worn down. The cover even zips up for complete shielding. It’s difficult to not adore the pink color scheme as well. This bag is suitable for kids age 7-12.

Babolat Classic Club Line Tennis Backpack

Get your Child the Right Tennis Backpack

Your child will be more likely to want to “stick with tennis” if they are sporting the proper gear. Kids want to feel confident in everything they do, including tennis. Read our list of the best tennis gear for kids to learn more about rackets, specialized tennis balls, and more. As always, if you have any specific questions about kids tennis backpacks feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly.

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