Best Cheap Kids Tennis Rackets

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Did your child recently take their first tennis lesson and immediately fall in love with the sport? They’re begging you for their very own tennis racket, and you might be looking at the pro shop thinking, “what racket should I get them? There’s so many options and most of them aren’t cheap!”

This is a reasonable question as there are so many brands and colors and sizes, but fret no more! We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best cheap kids tennis rackets on the market to make your decision easy. Keep in mind that we try to keep racket prices up to date, but the manufacturers may change pricing faster than we can keep up with.

best cheap kids tennis rackets

Best Overall Budget Friendly Kids Tennis Racket

Wilson is another rockstar tennis brand that manufactures rackets, and their junior line has a surplus of options. These particular rackets are from the U.S. Open line and have an affordable price range of $19-$30. 

The Wilson U.S. Open Rackets come in corresponding colors so that it’s easy to tell what size you’ll need depending on the age of your child: 

● 19-inch racket – ages 2-4 – green/silver
● 21-inch racket – ages 4-6 – red/orange
● 23-inch racket – ages 6-8 – green/blue
● 25-inch racket – ages 9-10 – blue/yellow

All of these Wilson rackets are made with aluminum and come with a small grip size, perfect for your kid’s hand to hold comfortably and firmly.

Wilson junior rackets are great for kids just getting started. To see more great options, check out our in-depth Wilson racket reviews such as the Wilson Blade 25 and the Wilson Clash 26.

Wilson U.S. Open Cheap Junior Racket

cheap wilson tennis racket

Best Value Cheap Kids Tennis Racket

This racket will be exciting for any junior who loves watching tennis professional Novak Djokovic play, as this is the junior version of his racket of choice. The cheap kids tennis racket is made with lightweight aluminum; however, it’s also durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s a truly exceptional value for what you’re paying. Here are the available colors and sizes for your junior tennis player:

● 19-inch racket – Green – 2+ years old
● 21-inch racket – Red – 4+ years old
● 23-inch racket – Yellow – 6+ years old
● 25-inch racket – Blue – 8+ years old

Head makes superior adult rackets, and you can rest assured knowing this one will be a great piece of equipment for your child when they’re just getting started. The inexpensive racket has nearly 3,000 five-star ratings, and all sizes range from $19-$38. It’s a reasonable price for good quality and features a solid tennis brand behind it.

Check out our complete review of the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racket Here.

HEAD Speed Cheap Kids Tennis Racket

cheap head tennis racket

Good Inexpensive Racket for Junior Tennis Players

The Babolat Nadal Rafa Junior Racquet is another piece of equipment with superior value compared to what you’ll find at your local sports store. One of Nadal’s signature racquets is now available for kids of all ages, and it comes in the same colors as the one Rafa uses – yellow, orange, and pink. Babolat is another amazing name brand that consistently creates beautiful and effective adult rackets, and they do a great job of putting the same attention to detail into their junior line.

These Nadal junior rackets make up some of the best value models of the Babolat junior line. Here are the available sizes along with age groups:

● 19-inch racket – ages 3-5
● 21-inch racket – ages 6-8
● 23-inch racket – ages 7-9
● 25-inch racket – ages 9-10
● 26-inch racket – ages 11+

The racket price typically ranges around $40. All rackets in this line are aluminum, which keeps the racket lightweight for kids to more easily learn the swing paths of their backhand and forehand groundstrokes. This cheap kid’s tennis racket features a small grip size that will fit perfectly into your child’s hand.

Babolat Nadal Rafa Junior Tennis Racquet

affordable babolat racket

Other Cheap Tennis Racquets

Dunlop Nitro Cheap Kids Racket

This is another good tennis brand that has a junior line of rackets, all made with aluminum for durability and lightness. Again, this cheap kids’ tennis racket line comes color-coded for easy decision-making based on your child’s age. Read our full review of the Dunlop Nitro Junior Racket to learn more.

Volkl Junior Inexpensive Tennis Racket

Volkl has a junior racket line called Volkl Revolution, and they too are made of lightweight aluminum. A racket cover comes with the purchase of each Volkl junior racket, negating the need to buy one separately. Who doesn’t love 2-for-1’s?

Get Your Child a Good Racket on a Budget

There you have it! Our recommended list of the best budget junior rackets on the market. They’re all made of the same aluminum material to keep the frames lightweight so your junior can easily handle them when mastering racket motions. All of the rackets listed come pre-strung, so once you get in it the mail or at a store, your kid can head right out on the court for their next lesson or clinic. No need to pay for an expensive racket stringing service!

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