Best 27 Inch Tennis Racquets for Juniors

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When it comes to choosing a 27 inch tennis racquet for your son or daughter, there are many things to be on the lookout for. An ideal racquet should be the right length, a comfortable weight, and should suite the junior’s specific play style. Finding a good racquet has an immense impact on any player’s game, so a decent amount of thought should be put into the decision.

The 27-inch tennis racquet market is extremely vast, as this size racket can actually be used by both adults and juniors alike. Thus, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by all of the available options. Don’t worry, though! This article will help guide you towards choosing the right 27” racquet for your junior player.

27 inch tennis racquets for juniors

Our Favorite Overall 27 Inch Tennis Racquet for Juniors

The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the most famous tennis racquet series, not only from Babolat, but in the tennis world in general. The Pure Aero is an exceptional 27-inch youth racquet with an insane amount of potential and could be a perfect pick for a highly advanced junior.

Pros: Immaculate top-spin, Very maneuverable, Easily generates power

Cons: Lacks a little bit of control and stability, Price can be high

The Babolat Pure Aero provides the player with a 100 in2 head size, a weight of 318 grams and a 16×19 string pattern which make it a real “weapon” on the tennis court. Endorsed by none other than Rafael Nadal himself, the Babolat Pure Aero is undoubtedly an excellent racquet. Despite all of its upsides, you have to be aware of the physical capabilities of your player. If the junior is old enough and strong enough to wield it, it is definitely a great choice, however if not, you might be better off opting for one of the other racquets on this list.

Babolat Pure Aero

babolat 27 inch racket

Most Balanced Junior 27-Inch Tennis Racquet

The Head Graphene XT Speed MP is another great 27-inch kids’ racquet by Head. It is most suitable for advanced juniors looking for a racquet to step up their game to the next level. It is a very player-friendly racquet with a great power/control ratio, making it a solid choice for juniors.

Pros: Solid power and control, Maneuverability

Cons: Stability, Tends to lack power on plow through

This racquet offers the player a 100 in2 head size, a weight of 315 grams as well as string pattern choice (16×19 or 16×16). Overall, the Head Graphene XT Speed MP is an amazing players racquet which has great potential for advanced juniors and should surely be considered as an option. Keep in mind the weight of this racquet, it might be quite challenging for most players except strong advanced juniors.

Head Graphene XT Speed MP 27 Inch

head 27 racket

A 27-Inch Junior Racquet that has Ideal Power

The Wilson Burn is a very famous racquet series from Wilson. The Burn 100 ULS v4 is an amazing racquet for rising juniors as it offers loads of top-spin and power.

The unique string pattern of 18×16 is what makes it such a spin-friendly tennis racquet.

Pros: Excellent top-spin, Decent power

Cons: A little bit on the stiffer side, Players might experience instability on their shots

The Wilson Burn 100ULS v4 is a remarkable 27-inch junior tennis racquet with a lot of potential for players that can utilize its key aspects.

The junior Burn racket offers a 100 in2 head size, a weight of 276 grams paired with the unique string pattern which makes it a great choice for quick-improving juniors.

Update: as of October 2023, the Burn 100 ULS v4 is sold out on Wilson’s website. We have changed the link to Amazon, which currently has a few left in stock.

Wilson Burn 100ULS v4

wilson burn 27 inch

Our Preferred 27-Inch Racquet for Beginner & Intermediate Level Juniors

The Babolat Pure Drive Junior is based upon the well-known Babolat Pure Drive which is loved by professional tennis players around the world. It’s technically a 26” frame, but it runs large (closer to a 27” size) and has a relatively wide racket face for a Babolat racquet. We wanted to include a high-quality racket that is also suitable for beginner and intermediate level juniors—that’s why the Pure Drive Jr made the list. The sole purpose of this Junior series is to bring all the features of the Pure Drive into a smaller, lighter and more beginner-friendly frame.

Pros: Great power, Amazing top-spin potential

Cons: Might be a little less comfortable for some players

This racquet by Babolat is an excellent choice for junior players looking to start of their journey in the world of adult-sized tennis racquets. It provides the player with a 100 in2 head size, a weight of 250 grams and a solid quality frame.

Babolat Pure Drive Junior

babolat junior tennis racket

Our Favorite Budget Friendly Youth 27-Inch Racquet

The Head Ti Conquest is a 27 inch junior tennis racquet that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. If you’re in the market for an affordable, yet reliable junior tennis racquet, the Head Ti Conquest should definitely be taken into consideration.

Pros: Large head size, Big sweet spot, Low swing weight (Maneuverability), Great price (30$)

Cons: Quality, Durability, Weight

All in all, the Head Ti. Conquest is a great choice for junior players. It offers a 108 in2 head size, a weight of 275 grams and an 18×19 string pattern. It is a very budget-friendly tennis racquet with decent stats. The primary reason it is less expensive than the other options in this guide is that the frame is made of aluminum instead of graphite. This adds extra weight to the racket head, which means your junior’s racket swing speed will be slightly slower. Keep in mind that if your youth player keeps progressing at a significant pace, then it may be wise to look into some of the other higher-quality options listed above.

HEAD Ti. Conquest

head tennis racket 27 inches

A Good 27" Junior Racquet Makes a Difference

Choosing a tennis racquet is never easy, thus it requires a lot of thought to be put into making such a decision. The fact that both kids and adults can use a 27-inch racket, complicates things even further! The abovementioned tennis racquets are just some of many viable options for junior players, however making the right choice depends on numerous factors, some of which are the age, capabilities and the skill level of the player. If you are unsure that a 27-inch racket is the optimal size for your junior player, then check out our racket sizing guide based on age.

The preferences of parents tend to commonly influence which racquet their kid will play with, but you have to keep in mind that the most important thing is to choose the racquet that suits your junior’s age, play style, and physical build. Just because one racquet is generally great for most players doesn’t mean it will also be great for your player.

A word of advice is to always demo the racquets that you’re looking to buy as it gives the player the most insight into what actually feels right. (If you are buying a racket online, then ensure that returns are allowed – luckily most major online retailers are alright with this) As a parent, be open to feedback from the junior himself/herself as well as their coach as they have the most knowledge on which racquet is a solid for the player. We hope this 27 inch tennis racquet guide helped you in your search!

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