Best 21 Inch Tennis Rackets for Juniors

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Young tennis players need the right tools to excel on the court. A decent 21-inch tennis racket for juniors is crucial for maximizing performance, technique, and overall enjoyment of the game.

However, choosing the best 21-inch tennis racket from the numerous available options can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. This guide will assist you in finding the best 21″ junior tennis racket for your child’s needs.

21 inch tennis racket for junior

Our Favorite 21 Inch Tennis Racket for Juniors

The HEAD Speed Kids 21 Inch Tennis Racket is an excellent choice for young tennis players who are just getting started on the court. This pre-strung racket was designed with beginners in mind, and it provides a good blend of control, mobility, and comfort, making it a dependable choice for juvenile players.

Pros: Lightweight, Head-light design, Durability and Comfort

Cons: A smaller grip size, String tension, Quality

Overall, the HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racket’s head-light balance, long-lasting construction, forgiving sweet spot, and comfortable grip make it a perfect choice for kids seeking a dependable racket to help them enhance their game. While small adjustments to string tension and grip size may be required, the 21” racket’s performance, ease, and affordability make it a promising choice for all levels of junior players aiming to improve.

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet 21

21 head kids tennis racket

Best 21 Inch Junior Racket for Control

The Wilson 21 Inch Junior Recreational Tennis Racket is a solid choice for youth tennis players as it offers a nice blend of performance, comfort, and cost.

Pros: Maneuverability, Lightweight, Comfortable and Durable

Cons: Lack of variation in grip size and string tension (This should not affect junior players that are just starting off), Quality could be improved, but fits the price

The Wilson Junior Recreational Tennis Racket is great due to its lightweight design, comfortable grip, and long-lasting construction. While customization is limited and advanced features are lacking, its favorable price and great performance make it a favorable entry-level 21” racket. The Wilson Junior Recreational Tennis Racket certainly enables players to develop their skills, enjoy the game, and build the groundwork for future tennis success.

Wilson US Open 21

wilson kids tennis racket 21

Most Beginner Friendly 21 Inch Kids Tennis Racket

The Street Tennis Club 21 Inch Tennis Racket for Kids is a great tool for young players just starting out in the sport. This racket’s size, weight, and characteristics are designed to aid with early tennis development, allowing beginners to quickly pick up fundamental techniques. The lightweight nature of the 21 inch racket allows for kids to execute complete forehand and backhand motions. Heavier racket heads could lead to the development of bad muscle-memory habits.

Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable and Durable, Colorful Design Options

Cons: It is solely a beginner’s racket thus it might lack the necessary features for quick-improving kids, Quality

The child-friendly design of this racket is tremendous. Not only does it have a fun design on the strings (a smiley face), but it is also engineered specifically to fulfill the demands of beginner-level juniors, offering a comfortable and natural feel. The aluminum frame has above-average durability. The thick gauge strings that the 21” racket comes pre-strung with help to minimize string breakage. Although this racket is more expensive than some of its competitors, it does include access to a tennis training app with purchase.

Street Tennis Club Kids Racket

tennis club kids 21 inch racket

Best Kids 21-Inch Tennis Racket for Performance

The HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racket 21-inch is ideal for junior players who play at a beginner to intermediate level. Its 21-inch length and maneuverability is ideal for youth players, as it provides handlers a more comfortable grip for greater control over strokes. This is far more important than augmenting power at this particular level of tennis. We really like this racket for improving technique development and hand-eye coordination.

Pros: Forgiving sweet spot, Great Balance and Maneuverability

Cons: Lack of suitability for fast-improving kids, Quality

Given its beginner-friendly shape, ease of pre-strung strings, and light balance, this HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racket aids kids who have participated in at least a few tennis lessons. The racket’s durability and forgiving sweet spot improve learning and increase confidence on the court. The large sweet spot means that if a junior player hits a solid forehand groundstroke, but misses the center of the racket by a few inches, then they will still be rewarded with a favorable outcome (such as the ball going over the net at an optimal angle, speed, and spin). Other 21 inch rackets require more precise contact, which can lead to the development of bad habits early on. While it does not offer customizable grip sizes, its performance features and low cost makes this racket more than suitable for juniors.

Head Instinct Junior 21" Racquet

head kids tennis racket 21 inches

Most Affordable 21-Inch Junior Tennis Racket

The Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior 21 Tennis Racket delivers a combination of decent performance, elite durability, and affordability that makes it a fantastic alternative for aspiring young players. This racket’s appropriate size and weight for young players encourages full windshield wiper swings and increased control when swinging through the ball. Accuracy is the name of the game with this 21 inch tennis racket. 

Pros: Reliable, Comfortable, Lightweight, Solid Accuracy

Cons: Quality and String Tension 

Overall, this junior tennis racket is one of the most affordable options on the market, making it a safe purchase for children who are interested in tennis, but are unsure if they’ll commit to the sport. However, this doesn’t mean it lines up with the plastic rackets you’ll find at Walmart. The Dunlop Nitro 21 is one of the “best value” rackets we’ve found in terms of what you get for the price.

Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket

dunlop youth 21 racket

Our Video Review of 21-Inch Rackets for Juniors

We created this video to showcase the key takeaways for these five tennis rackets. Keep these points in mind when deciding which youth racket to try out.

A Reliable 21-Inch Tennis Racket Sets the Foundation for Kids

Selecting the best 21 inch tennis racket for your son or daughter is a critical decision that can significantly impact their tennis journey. Parents, coaches, and young athletes should make an informed choice that benefits their growth on the court by considering variables such as racket head size, frame weight, balance, grip, and construction. A decent 21” racket can provide junior players the confidence, control, and flexibility they need to enhance their skills and have fun while playing. Consider your junior player’s specific needs, preferences, and ability level, when choosing a racket. Durability is also important, as it helps your child’s racket withstand the demands of junior play (much more ground-scraping and throwing than you’d expect) while still providing long-lasting performance.

While sophisticated features and tailored personalization may not be as important for beginners, higher skilled junior players will eventually need a racket that suits their improved technique, developed muscles, and heightened playing style. This group may benefit from obtaining in-person coach advice for looking at professional-grade racket as they grow in their tennis adventure. If your junior tennis player is older, or at a higher level than what we referenced in this guide, then we invite you to check out our favorite Junior 27-Inch Rackets. We hope this guide provided you with helpful insights on the best 21 inch tennis racket options for your junior player!