5 Best Kids Tennis Skirts for Girls

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Without a doubt, it’s important for kids to have proper tennis clothing during training and matches. High quality girl’s tennis clothing typically ensures maximum utility, comfort, and durability. Junior tennis can be an intense game, which demands enormous physical effort, so modern tennis players choose tennis clothes that are lightweight, water resistant, and moisture-wicking. This goes for the top ranked professionals, and it should also be true for beginner-level kids alike.

Girls should have at least one good kids’ tennis skirt. You’d be surprised by how many girl’s tennis skirts are poorly made. Many parents have asked us for a recommendation because their child’s tennis skirt either ripped after a few weeks, or the material was too thick and didn’t feature adequate breathability. In response, we made this guide which highlights our top recommendations for the 5 best kids tennis skirts for girls.

Top Budget Friendly Kids Tennis Skirt

The C9 Champion tennis skirt has cool, breathable fabric with wicking technology, which dries fast and helps to keep kids from overheating on the court. The skirt’s shrink resistant fabric stands up to repeated washing. This girls tennis skirt is available in six colors with different pattern variations. Sizes range from X-Small to X-Large. This budget-friendly skirt has variations that cost as low as $15. Not bad!

Technically, this piece of apparel is a “skort” instead of a traditional skirt. This is because the clothing resembles shorts on the inside. The outer skirt has an elastic waist and semi-fitted inner shorts, so kids can move freely. The semi-fitted skirt can be also used for daily wear, not just for playing tennis. The C9 Champion skirt is made of quality fabric, it washes well without color fading, and it features a comfortable waistline.

• 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex
• Semi-fitted outer skirt, semi fitted inner short
• Elastic closure
• Duo Dry – wicks moisture, dries fast
• Shrink resistant fabric looks great wash after wash

C9 Champion Girls’ Performance Tennis Skort

pink kids tennis skirt

Highest Quality Girls Tennis Skirt

Made by one of the most established tennis brands out there, this kids tennis skirt is more expensive than the prior. However, you truly get what you pay for. The high quality fabric should last your daughter a very long time.

 It’s available in three classic colors: black, matte silver, and white. The sizes vary from XX-Small to X-Large. The main downside is that this skirt tends to run small. Look at ordering a size up to play it safe. Besides that, we love the tight, streamlined fit and soft fabric quality, which channels sweat away from your child’s skin to keep them dry during tennis practice. Additionally, the wide waistband and inner tights add extra comfort and coverage. When it comes to junior tennis apparel, Adidas is a brand you can trust.

• 100% Polyester
• No Closure
• Sweat-wicking Climalite fabric
• Tight fit
• Built-in short tights

Adidas Girls’ Tennis Skirt

adidas junior tennis skirt

Best Value Kids Tennis Skirt

This amazing tennis outfit consists of 2 separate pieces: a cute sleeveless shirt, and a matching skirt with built-in shorts. It’s a great value because it’s essentially a complete tennis outfit, minus shoes—and the full outfit is in the same cost ballpark as other individual skirts on this list! The tennis skirt set is available in eight stylish colors: blue, light green, light purple, pink, purple, rose red, white, and yellow; the sizes vary from small for 6 year olds to X-Large for 12 year olds.

This girl’s tennis outfit doesn’t include actual pockets to hold tennis balls, but the skirt is made of a tight elastic material that allows for holding tennis balls between the skirt and short layers. The material is both stretchy and long-lasting.

• 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex for extra comfort
• Cotton Fabric, which is skin-friendly, lightweight and comfortable
• Built-in shorts
• Shrink resistant fabric stands up to repeated washings

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Willit Girls Tennis Skirt Outfit

purple girls tennis skirt

Best Classic Girls Tennis Skirt

Throwing it back to the classics! The range of available colors for this skirt is incredibly vast. You can choose from 12 options: black, dark purple, grey, pink, purple, white, wine red, dark blue, khaki, light blue, dark green, and even red mixed green. Sizing information is provided on the listing page.

The junior tennis skirt material is not as lightweight as other options we covered. The material is soft, stretchy, and comfortable, but it won’t wick sweat as efficiently as other pieces on this list. Unfortunately, there are no shorts on the inside as well. If your child isn’t sprinting around the tennis court under the hot sun frequently, then this skirt is certainly passable as suitable tennis apparel. The pleats are well formed and sharp, so they keep their form well. This pleated girls tennis skirt has a nice multi-purpose appeal to it. No need to merely limit it to tennis practice!

• 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
• Hook and Eye closure
• Well-formed pleats

BFL Girls’ Tennis Skirt

classic white girls tennis skirt

Our Overall Favorite Kids Tennis Skirt

This New Balance girls tennis skirt checks all of the boxes. The price is decent, and it’s paired with great quality and durability. This awesome “skort” is available in four colors: black, violet, white and blue. There are no pockets for tennis balls but the attached shorts can hold them just fine.

This junior tennis skirt has a reputation of fitting as expected, so you likely won’t need to make any returns. Comfort is super important when it comes to kids tennis clothes, and this skort performs well in that aspect. The soft material allows for free-flowing movement, and breathes exceptionally well. However, we have received a few complaints from tennis parents that the material is not incredibly durable. Hence, it’s recommended to wash this skirt in cold water by hand or choose the gentle mode in the washing machine. After washing, be sure to airdry it. Besides that, we absolutely love this kids tennis skirt. See why other tennis parents love it in the listing on the right!

• 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
• Pull On closure
• Inner shorts
• Moisture wicking

New Balance Girls’ Performance Tennis Skort

black youth tennis skirt

Make Sure Your Child has a Good Kids Tennis Skirt

Low quality girl’s tennis skirts that don’t allow for proper mobility, or lack breathable material can be a major hindrance in setting kids up for success in the sport of tennis. Depending on your preferences, there should be at least one junior tennis skirt in this guide that fits your child’s needs. As always, feel free reach out to Kid Tennis Hub if you need any guidance on making your child’s tennis experience one to remember!

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