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how to wash kids tennis shoes

How to Wash Kids Tennis Shoes

Learn how to effectively clean kids tennis shoes, including those used for junior tennis and everyday wear. This guide provides detailed instructions for washing different materials, ensuring your child’s shoes stay in top condition. Discover helpful tips on maintaining cleanliness and extending the life of your child’s footwear.

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kids tennis dampener

Do Kids Need a Dampener When Playing Tennis?

Nearly all adult tennis players use dampeners on their rackets. But are dampeners something that youth players should be taking advantage of? Discover if your child needs a dampener for playing tennis. This guide explores the benefits and considerations of junior tennis players using dampeners.

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tennis jokes

Funny Tennis Jokes and Puns

We’re serving up a grand slam of hilarity with a collection of 46 tennis-themed jokes and 10 tennis puns that are sure to entertain players and fans alike. From clever puns that play on tennis terminology to whimsical one-liners that capture the lighter side of the sport, these jokes are perfect for sharing during game breaks or at your next club gathering.

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youth tennis league

Find a Youth Tennis League in Your Area

Finding a youth tennis league is surprisingly difficult in 2024, even as the sport continues to grow in the United States. This list showcases youth tennis leagues across major cities in the United States. Most of the featured junior leagues are run through the USTA’s JTT program.

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can kids play padel tennis

Can Kids Play Padel Tennis?

Sorry Pickleball, there’s a new racket sport taking the world by storm. In this guide, you will learn about Padel Tennis: the fast growing sports’ ease of play, health benefits, and growing popularity in the U.S. But is Padel Tennis a good sport for your child to play? Find out here!

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wilson noir ultra 100 v4 tennis racket

Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 Tennis Racket Review

The limited edition Wilson Noir Ultra 100 V4 tennis racket was just released alongside 3 other “Noir” rackets. In terms of racket construction, the model is identical to the standard Ultra 100 V4. It’s made unique by the all-black color scheme and matte finish. After testing out the Noir Ultra 100 V4, here’s how the racket graded out.

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