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Our Latest Junior Tennis Guides

Latest Junior Tennis Guides

dunlop sports nitro junior tennis racket

Dunlop Nitro Junior Tennis Racket Review

Tennis rackets are one of Dunlop’s strengths, and the Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior Tennis Racket is another excellent model. It is affordable, beginner-friendly, and a great fit for a wide variety of junior players. Here’s what we love and hate about the Dunlop Nitro Junior Racket.

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21 inch tennis racket for junior

Best 21 Inch Tennis Rackets for Juniors

Picking the best 21-inch tennis racket for your junior player isn’t easy. Many 21″ models look great in the photos but then quickly fall apart or underperform. This guide should make your decision easier as we showcase our top 5 picks for 21-inch youth rackets.

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best kids tennis shorts

Best Kids Tennis Shorts

Looking for a pair of tennis shorts for your son or daughter? Youth tennis shorts can last many years; you have to know what to look for, though. Let’s break down our top 5 picks for boys & girls tennis shorts, and explain what separates them from basic athletic shorts.

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swingvision review

SwingVision Review

If you play or coach tennis regularly and consider yourself tech-savvy, then you’ve likely heard of the SwingVision app. Discover why everyone’s talking about the game-changing AI tennis tracking app in this comprehensive SwingVision review.

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kids tennis court shoes

5 Best Kids Tennis Court Shoes

Looking for the perfect tennis court shoes for your child? Read on to discover our top five favorite pairs of kid’s tennis shoes, highlighting their most notable characteristics and benefits. We also cover the key factors to consider when selecting junior tennis shoes.

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